Geocache: Creative Folkestone - Janus on East Cliff

Composed and mixed by Joel Cahen
Materials created by members of South East MIND during a series of online workshops.


The music is based on Folkestone East Cliff and its relevance as an informal port of entry for migrants with its view of The Burstin Hotel, a first home for many migrants on their arrival. The statue of Janus here is seen looking back over to the lands beyond the sea from where they have arrived, to the past, memories and people they left behind, and looking forward towards the new future and life that awaits them in this land. The story that provides the background for the music is of person who had to leave a past shattered by conflict and is facing an unknown future in a new land. The point of transition is where she finds that her identity, regardless less of her location, is centred in the present moment. She feels empowered and hopeful.

Members of South East MIND: Claire, Martin, Hannah, Carissa, Emily.

About Joel Cahen
A composer, sound designer and producer based in Kent. Amongst Joel’s projects are Wet Sounds, the internationally acclaimed underwater listening experience, and We’re All Bats, The Listening Arts Channel, presenting online and on site workshops and experiences based in Listening. He also co-founded the charity Liquid Vibrations providing Musical Hydrotherapy to SEN schools.