Geocache: De La Warr Pavilion - Big Rosemary

Location: Bexhill Seafront


This is one of three geocaches in Bexhill on sea made in dialogue with the temporary outdoor sculpture Invertebrate by artist Holly Hendry, commissioned as part of England’s Creative Coast with De La Warr Pavilion.

A family of small ceramic forms holds digital sound collages and a mindmap developed by artist Sam Ayre in collaboration with All Saints Church of England Primary School and the 3rd Bexhill Scout Group.

During online workshops, the collaborators shared stories about, experiences of and ambitions for local green spaces. They considered how these sites are used, shaped, tended and connected with the rest of the natural world. Meandering conversations linked ideas about energy cycles, matter, making, meaning, environmental responsibilities and wider philosophical questions.

Both the sound collage and mindmap reflect the collaborators’ exuberant and idiosyncratic associations and musings.

The geocaches form part of the England’s Creative Coast GeoTour.