Geocache: Hastings Contemporary - A Home from Home

Hastings Contemporary geocache image - A home from home


GC97 Z5M
Location: Hastings Country Park
Title: A Home from Home

A Home from Home has been created by members of The Refugee Buddy Project (Hastings, Rother & Wealden). The charity works alongside Local Authorities to make our new fellow-citizens feel welcome here. We do so by teaming local volunteers up with newly arrived refugees.

During World War 2, the people of Hastings were subjected to air raids and bombings. Many residents evacuated the town, seeking refuge elsewhere. Now, Hastings is a place of sanctuary for those fleeing war and conflict. We welcome them with open arms and a have formed a community that is enriched by different cultures and creeds.

The work was developed by two members of the community: Fatima Esayli, an architecture student and Leigh Malaihollo, a digital content creator.


Geocache from Hastings contemporary

The Process

We wanted to make a cache overlooking the sea to evoke memories and stories about the sea in all of our lives. We chose a site in the Country Park close to the beach where boats containing people seeking refuge are known to have landed. We wanted to encourage people in our Refugee Buddy community to visit the Country Park, a hidden jewel of Hastings. It is a place to find calm and reflect upon their journey to safety.

Fatima designed & built the physical geocache, She incorporated small, handmade benches reminiscent of those dotted along the Country Park. Leigh recorded the story of one of our LGBTQ refugees. Quotes from this interview have been placed on miniature plaques on the benches to connect the digital and physical contents of the cache.

The creators of the cache were inspired by the stories of their community. The refugees who crossed oceans to reach safety and find hope.

Listen to the story of an LGBTQ member of our community. He left war-torn Syria alone; with nothing but a backpack and little hope. But he found a welcoming space and warm friendships here in our town:

Find a bench nearby and relax as you let the sounds of waves and memories wash over you, like the sea washes over the pebbles of our beaches.


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