Geocache: Hastings Contemporary - Combe Haven

Hastings Contemporary geocache


Location: Combe Haven
Title: Combe Haven

The Makers
This cache has been made by Elise Liversedge and Julie Willard, two artist members of the Friends of Combe Valley, working with other member of the Friends group. The Friends group meet regularly to undertake conservation tasks in the park.

The Process
Our cache reflects the activities and passion of the Friends group. We have been planting meadow turf and sewing native wildflowers in large and small sites. This is part of a slow process of re-wilding the valley away from municipal grasses which had had been seeded as a quick fix for covering landfill and creating sports pitches. Creating these meadow sites involves digging, raking and watering on a daily basis whilst hoping for rain. The site of our geocache is a very mini meadow site and includes a packet of seeds to encourage others to make more.


Hastings Contemporary geocache


Taking a cue from Andreas Angelikadis’ piece that talks of climate change and coastal erosion, the Friends see their act of reclaiming and rewilding as a social art form that is engaging the community in action that is accessible to everyone and makes a lasting cultural contribution.

In future plans for the valley an art trail is being developed which isn’t about 3dimensional objects but the landscape itself exploring a way of working which explores the transient “mindfulness” beauty of our diverse landscapes from concrete to reedbeds.

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